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Our sale staffs are properly qualified and they are ready to create offers and to help in solving technical issues or problems. We are always happy to provide available information and price quote.

We work with the manufacturers on the basis of the contractual relationship, therefore, we believe that our price offers and support will always be relevant and well-timed.

Consolidated shipment

Efficiency and effectiveness is the emphasis in what we do, and we provide consolidated shipment as an option and strategy to decrease delivery costs and to help our clients stock up on various brands of industrial automation products all at once to help diversify their product mix.

Multilingual support

We understand that not everyone in the world speaks English, therefore our committed team comprises of native speakers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas to provide multilingual sales support.

Network in 80 countries

A robust network of industrial automation products suppliers and clients is crucial to ensure business success in today’s globalized business atmosphere.  Since its inception, CES has built strong relationships with suppliers and clients from all over the world.  As such, we can guarantee timely product availability and delivery at the best prices.

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