Suitable For Public Places Such As Hypermarkets, Restaurants, Hospital, Food Factories, Schools, Theater, etc. Effectively Kills Bacteria and Viruses Without Causing Irritation or Allergic Reactions.

Automatically Sprays Disinfectant while passing through .

Basically it's a A sanitation tunnel that sprays atomized liquid to decontaminate all surfaces. A decontamination shower to clean 90% of bacteria and virus on human bodies. ... Specifications 

Our Vision.

Sensors, Sick, Schneider, Electrical Equipment and spare parts.

Satisfied customer is a priority of CES on the Romanian and international markets.

Our Solutions.

Here at CES, we emphasize on providing
top-notch service to our customers in the industrial automation industry while understanding their requirements for swift response, fast delivery and best pricing.

Our Services.

Our business focuses on providing our clients with a wide variety of  brands in the automation industry while our  sales and purchasing team is constantly sourcing for the best commercial conditions.  Multibrand industrial automation products in our inventory and within our distribution include sensors, process control transducers, position transducers, safety products, drives, digital instruments, interface modules, controllers, electric motors

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